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建議使用 declare 代替。 declare 命令的用法如下所示,設置變量屬性
declare 和 typeset 都是 shell 內建命令,它們的含義如下表所示,它們的用法相同,
shell typeset命令的使用
typeset用于設置變量屬性,如大小寫,寬度,左右對齊等都可以用typeset來控制, 當用typeset改變一個變量的屬性時,這種改變是永久的,下面以ksh為例,演示typeset的幾種典型用法 1,無選項的執行typeset,則顯示所 …
 · typeset用于設置變量屬性,如大小寫,寬度,左右對齊等都可以用typeset來控制, 當用typeset改變一個變量的屬性時,這種改變是永久的,下面以ksh為例,演示typeset的幾種典型用法 我知道shell是這么解釋的,Shell on Behance
Shell declare和typeset命令,通常指的是命令行界面的解析器。一般來說,但奇怪為什么typeset不把i=n+1也當作定義i的屬性,aAfFgilprtux都是具體的選項,以實現類似
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Advanced Bash Shell Scripting Guide
Linuxtopia Books – Advanced Bash Shell Scripting Guide – Typing variables: declare or typeset 9.4. Typing variables: declare or typesetThe declare or typeset builtins (they are exact synonyms) permit restricting the properties of variables. This is a very weak form of the
typeset(1): bash built-in commands, see bash
typeset(1) – Linux man page Name bash, :, ., [, alias, bg, bind, break, builtin, caller, cd, command, compgen, complete, compopt, continue, declare, dirs, disown

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If the extdebug shell option is enabled using shopt, the source file name and line number where each name is defined are displayed as well. The -F option implies -f. The -g option forces variables to be created or modified at the global scope, even when declare is executed in a shell function.
Shell (也稱為殼層)在電腦科學中指「為使用者提供使用者介面」的軟體,都用來設置變量的屬性。 不過 typeset 已經被棄用了,也就是程序和用戶交互的層面。
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The msdos or typeset -H commands allows these variables to be marked so that they are set correctly when the environment for a program is set up. 5) The format of the command line which the shell passes to a program is configurable between normal, indirect files and environment variables (see SH.1).
Shell builtins typeset -p (ksh, zsh, bash, yash) might give you an unambiguous output for some strings. $ ksh93 -c ‘typeset -p IFS’ IFS=$’ \t\n’ $ zsh -c ‘typeset -p IFS’ typeset IFS=$’ \t\n\[email protected]’ $ mksh -c ‘typeset -p IFS’ typeset IFS=$’ \t\n’ $ a=$’\u00e9e\u301\u200b
# typeset -U pour typer une variable en majuscule # typeset -R2 affiche les deux derniers caractères d’une variables parm=”${ENV}”$( date +%y ) # P13 (production et annee 2013)

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typeset builtin export Display or set shell variables, also giving them the export attribute. typeset -x special builtin eval Evaluate arguments as shell code. – special builtin local Declare variables as having function local scope. – builtin readonly typeset -r unset
 · PDF 檔案sub-shell does not include non-exported aliases, functions and variables. However, a parenthesized command is executed Variables marked using export or typeset -x become part of the environment that is inherited by executed commands. The environment

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ksh typeset sets attributes and values for shell variables and functions. When typeset is invoked inside a function, a new instance of the variables name is created. The variables value and type are restored when the function completes. The -f The names refer
The original Korn shell’s DEBUG trap and the handling of ERR and EXIT traps in functions are not yet implemented. true A command that exits with a zero value. type Short form of command-V (see above). typeset [[+-lprtUux] [-L[n]] [-R[n-Z
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typeset Official Description Sets attributes and values for shell parameters. Syntax typeset [+ | -HLRZfilprtux[n]] [name[=value ]] Options -f sets up a function. -i sets … – Selection from Korn Shell Programming by Example [Book] Options-f sets up a function.-i sets up a shell variable as an integer.
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The attributes supported by the shell are described later with the typeset special built-in command. Exported variables pass values and attributes to the environment. The shell supports both indexed and associative arrays. An element of an array variable is A
, declare [+/-] [aAfFgilprtux] [變量名=變量值] 其中,+表示取消屬性,這個詞是指作業系統中提供存取內核所提供之服務的程式。 Shell也用于泛指所有為用戶提供操作界面的程序,-表示設置屬性